LPU Distance Education institute in chandigarh, mohali

Do you think LPU distance education is applicable for Govt jobs?

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Distance education is a new trend in Education Line. Not everybody afford to go other place and complete their studies. Distance education provides you an opportunity of learning more and educating yourself by staying at home. Whether you are doing an job and want to continue study or you just cannot afford to go to the university, distance education solves a lot of problem for you. LPU is one of best private universities in India that gives you an opportunity to join LPU Distance Education programs and complete your studies in various fields. LPU provide different Courses under their distance education plan.

But, can you really trust it? Let’s find out.

Is LPU Distance Education Applicable for Government Jobs?

When you hear about Distance Education Degree then may be there is lack of trust and so many conflicts on this. You may be worried about the validation of your degree for government jobs or for further higher study. Let us solve this problem for you. When it comes to LPU distance education, there is no need to worry about your degree’s validation. LPU Distance Education diploma or degree is just like a regular course or degree you receive from a university. Therefore, it is completely valid for all government jobs and for any higher course.

UGC and DEC Approved

Lovely Professional University has been approved by UGC (University Grants Commission) and DEC (Distance Education Council) which means that it is rightfully executing the distance education programs across the natio. It means that your degree is completely valid and you can freely apply for all government jobs.

LPU Distance Education Students Securing Government Jobs

Many LPU distance education students have availed opportunities of placement in government services like Indian Army, Indian Navy etc through on campus/off campus interviews or SSB. You can simply apply for all government jobs like any other candidate and submit your certificates that you received during your distance education course. LPU is recognized as one of the leading universities in India. Other world class Universities and Institutions across the globe have entered into partnership and tie ups in LPU. A lot of students from the world are taking Distance education from LPU every year. So, you can go for LPU Distance Education without any worries.

IT Zone Mohali is the best LPU distance education center in Chandigarh and Mohali. If you need any information about LPU distance education programs or want to enroll yourself in LPU distance course at IT Zone Mohali.

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